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Woolen Jumpers & Cowls

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Handmade woolen jumpers and cowls*.

  • They are all unique and handmade.
  • 100% wool.
  • To be washed by hand or washing machine.

*Please be aware all models have different sizes (to be checked on the table below)


Models measurements:

 Model Upper body length Lower body length Chest width Neck width
01 29cm 17.5cm 10cm  9cm
02 28cm 18cm 11cm 7cm
03 31cm 22.5cm 10cm 7cm
04 29cm 18.1cm 10cm 8.5cm
23.5cm 19.5cm 12cm 8cm
06 29cm 21cm 11cm 6.5cm
07 28.5cm 18cm 10cm 7cm
08 29.5cm 22.5cm 13.5cm 10cm
09 28.5cm 17.5cm 12cm 10cm
10 32.5cm 25.5cm 14.5cm 9.5cm
11 36cm 24cm 12.5cm 8cm
12 26.5cm 17.5cm 13.5cm 11cm
13 36.5cm 29cm 17.5cm 13cm
14 28cm 18cm 10cm 9.5cm
15 36cm 24cm 12cm 7.5cm
16 40.5cm 25cm 12cm 9cm
17 32cm 10cm 15cm 13cm
18 42.5cm 30.5cm 13.5cm 8.5cm
19 26cm 16.5cm 15.5cm 13.5cm