Indorex ® Range

Indorex ® Range

Target fleas where they live.

Indorex® protects the home (and pets) against fleas for 12 months. 

  • 95% of fleas that live in the house are NOT on the pets. 
  • Indorex® penetrates carpets, bedding, couches and underneath furniture, to target fleas where they hide. 
  • Kills every stage of the flea life cycle 
  • Controls 85% of adult fleas for 1 month and flea larvae with an efficacy of 100% for 12 months - the longest of any flea treatment. 
  • Use in conjunction with topical animal flea treatment for full protection.

Indorex Target Spray and Indorex Fogger are available individually, or as a house pack containing 1 Indorex Target Spray and 5 Indorex Foggers.


Indorex contains three active ingredients:

An insect growth regulator that disrupts the flea life cycle for up to 12 months. 
It prevents flea eggs and larvae from developing into fleas and also causes adult fleas to become infertile.
This lowers the risk of reinfestation.

Aids in the control of adult fleas in carpet, furnishings and bedding. 
The permethrin levels last for up to 10 days. 

Piperonyl butoxide
Prevents the breakdown of Permethrin and allows for longer action.


  • For best results, vacuum all floors before treatment and dispose of vacuum cleaner bag contents. 
  • Remove all pets. 
  • Remove or cover fish tanks and switch off the air pump system. 
  • Remove food and utensils. 
  • Close all doors and windows in area to be treated and turn off any fans, air conditioners, gas appliances, and electrical appliances.
  • Vacate all rooms and leave undisturbed for 1 hour, then open all doors and windows to allow ventilation. 
  • Walk around each room soon after complete ventilation, as vibration from walking triggers the hatching of fleas from pupae, exposing them to insecticides. 
  • DO NOT VACUUM for 5 days after application, to allow the treatment to be fully absorbed into the carpet.

Top tips

  • Flea pupae can remain protected in their cocoon for months - stamping on the floor can induce pupae to hatch and expose them to Permethrin. 
  • If an owner notices adult fleas hatching beyond 10 days after treatment, we recommend using Indorex Target Spray to treat flea hot spots.
  • Treat all pets in the household with a topical animal flea treatment at the same time.
  • Best results are achieved when Indorex Target Spray and Indorex Fogger are used together as this allows for best coverage.
  • To keep killing fleas and prevent fleas from reinfesting the surroundings, use a topical animal flea treatment product on your pet throughout the year.
  • Foggers might set off some smoke alarms if placed directly beneath it.

The best time to use Indorex is in the Spring (September/October). This will stop the first generation of fleas from reproducing and therefore block large numbers of fleas developing at the beginning of Summer.

Repeat treatment each spring, or when signs of infestation reappear.

The Indorex range is designed to treat the home, it is not for use on pets.


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