Maxiguard OraZn Gel (59ml)

Maxiguard OraZn Gel (59ml)

Maxiguard OraZn Gel (59ml)

Recommended for:
  • Maintaining Oral Health
  • Tough Pet Acceptance Cases
  • Post Prophy

Utilises a taste-free neutralised zinc formula that is acceptable to even the most challenging cases, such as cats and small dogs. It is very effective at maintaining oral health after dental prophylaxis.

Instructions for Application

Place one pea-sized drop (cats) or two drops (small dogs) on your index finger, gauze pad, swab, or finger brush to treat one side of the pet’s mouth. Simply rub the gel briefly over the gum area above the outside of the upper back molars. Repeat on the opposite side. The Zinc Ascorbate gel will stimulate the salivary glands, and provide a gentle bathing action throughout the oral cavity. Do not rub additional gel on multiple oral areas. You will simply waste your professional strength product and may cause hyper-salivation.

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