Royal Canin Skintopic

Royal Canin Skintopic

ROYAL CANIN® SKINTOPIC is a complete diet for adult dogs over 10kg. The diet is formulated with a unique DERMAUXILIUM™ complex of active compounds (including EPA/DHA and linoleic acid), clinically proven to help support optimal skin quality and coat health in dogs with atopic dermatitis (skin lesions and inflammation of the ear canal) and hair loss.


Itching Relief: Scientifically proven to help relieve itchy skin, improving quality of life in dogs sensitive to environmental allergens.

Skin Soothing: Helps to soothe sensitive skin and support healthy digestion.

Skin Barrier and Immunity: Formulated with unique complexes to support the skin’s natural protective barrier and immunity.


Dehydrated poultry proteins, rice, maize, wheat, animal fats, hydrolysed poultry liver, soya oil, vegetable fibres, beet pulp, fish oil, minerals, borage oil, psyllium husks and seeds, turmeric extract, marigold meal, licorice extract.

If your dog is still eating Royal Canin Skin Support, we recommend a 7 day transition to this new formula to avoid digestive upset (please follow the guide below).

Learn more about this new diet here.
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