FIBRESAFE Timothy Pellets

FIBRESAFE Timothy Pellets

Fibresafe Timothy Pellets are an easy to use forage feed for your rabbit or guinea pig.  We take 100% premium cured NZ grown timothy hay, chop it up into a meal which is then cold pressed into a pellet. Timothy hay pellets are dust free, highly palatable, easy to feed, and a convenient way to supplement fibre for your small pets.  They are particularly suitable for pellet-addicted pets to provide healthy fibre and to aid in weight control. 

Product info: 100% Quality Timothy Hay Pellets. 

Feeding Guide: Your rabbits or  guinea pigs diet should be 80-90% forage.  Our recommendation is that you should use our timothy long stem box of hay, timothy pellet and timothy chaff as the bulk of the diet in that order.  Supplement daily with a quarter to a half cup of reputable complete rabbit or guinea pig pellets.

If you have a growing baby, breeding mum or underweight rabbit or guinea pig then continue to have timothy hay available ad lib but supplement with lucerne pellets ¼ to half a cup twice daily and mix ¼ to half a cup of complete pellet mix with a cup of lucerne chaff once daily. 

The above is just a guide and requirements will vary on age, stage and size of your pet.  If you have any specific queries please don’t hesitate to contact us.

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